Even the Strongest Roofs Need a Little TLC

Even the Strongest Roofs Need a Little TLC

You may need a metal roof repair in Jacksonville, FL

Your roof protects your home, so you want it to stay strong and last for decades. Metal roofing is a great option. Wofford Roofing and Waterproofing offers metal roof repair and installation services in Jacksonville, FL. We can diagnose issues and provide cost-effective solutions.

If you're getting a replacement or new installation, we have the materials and services for you. Are you looking for a more affordable option? We can install economical agricultural metal. Maybe you want a higher end look-our team can work with standing seam metal, too.

Learn more about metal roof repair and installation services now by calling (904) 742-1402.

Upgrade your roof today

Are you looking into a metal roof replacement service? You may want to remove your older roof and not know which material to choose. Metal roofing is:

  • Energy-efficient-metal roofs reflect solar heat, reducing cooling costs
  • Long-lasting-metal roofs can last up to 70 years
  • Fire-resistant-metal roofs won't spark or catch fire when lightning strikes

Don't replace your roof with a flimsy material-schedule metal roof replacement service from Wofford Roofing and Waterproofing in Jacksonville, FL today.