Restore Your Damaged Roofing in Jacksonville, FL

Restore Your Damaged Roofing in Jacksonville, FL

Roof repair services are just a phone call away

If your flat roofing has been damaged by general wear and tear or a violent storm, it's important that you schedule repair services ASAP. That's where Wofford Roofing and Waterproofing comes in.

Our skilled contractors provide flat roof services for home and business owners in Jacksonville, FL. Trust us to handle anything from metal roof repairs at an office to roof coating jobs at an apartment.

Learn more about our flat roof services by calling 904-742-1402 now.

3 signs that your roof needs repairs

Is it time to schedule a flat roof repair? Try asking yourself these questions to find out:

  1. Has a hailstorm caused your roof to start leaking? Check your ceilings for water spots.
  2. Is your flat roof retaining water after heavy storms? Look for puddles left behind on your roof.
  3. Are harsh winds separating your flashing from the roof? See if parts of your flashing look or feel loose.
Don't let the damage to your flat roofing get worse - call now to schedule top-notch repair services in Jacksonville, FL.